Front page of the adult learner checklist
ACT/SAT Test Prep Resources
Find local and online resources to help you prepare for the ACT/SAT.
Adult Learner Checklist
Steps adults should take to apply for admission and financial aid.
Campus Visit Questions
Good questions to ask while visiting a college.
college_application_checklist College Planning on the Web handout college_freshman_handout
College Application Checklist 
Helps students prepare for  the collage application process.
College Planning on the Web
Online resources to help you plan and pay for college.
College Freshman Survival Tips
Find success during your freshman year of college.
Front page of the junior senior timeline hand out
FAFSA Checklist
Prepare to complete the FAFSA by gathering the required documents.
Junior/Senior Timeline
Follow these steps as a junior/senior to prepare for college.
Scholarship Tips
Learn what it takes to earn scholarships for college.
Loan Chart Front page of the tuition assistance hand out
Student Loan Chart
Understand the federal loan programs before you borrow.
Tuition Assistance Programs
Learn about college funding options for those who qualify.