When you talk to admissions representatives, ask them…

  1. What are the admissions requirements?
  2. Does the college have academic programs that fit my interests?
  3. What is the average class size? Are classes taught by professors or graduate assistants?
  4. Does the college offer a freshmen summer orientation program?
  5. Are free computer labs available? Is the campus wireless?
  6. Does the school offer tutors or resource centers if I need academic help?
  7. Where are students from? Is the campus diverse? Can I study abroad?
  8. What internships and career planning and placement services are available?
  9. How long does it take most students to graduate?
  10. What new programs or facilities will be available in the near future?
  11. What are the housing requirements for freshmen? Is it difficult to live on campus as an upperclassman?

When you talk to a financial aid counselor, ask them…

  1. What applications are required for scholarships and financial aid, and what are the deadlines? Are academic and departmental scholarships available?
  2. What is an estimate of my financial aid package?
  3. What are some suggestions for financing college?

When you talk to current students, ask them…

  1. How easy is it to register for classes? Is it difficult to get into some classes?
  2. Are faculty members accessible outside of class?
  3. Are campus jobs readily available?
  4. How safe is campus? What security features are in place?
  5. Does the college offer evening and weekend activities?
  6. What is the Greek system like?
  7. Can freshmen bring cars to campus? Is it hard to get a parking space?

When your visit is over, ask yourself…

  1. Did I like the facilities including the class rooms, residence halls, cafeteria, and gym?
  2. Were the students the kind of people I’d like to know?
  3. Did I like the social atmosphere?
  4. Am I comfortable with the size of the college and the average class size?
  5. How does this college compare to my other top schools?