2016 Hall of Fame inductees Stacey Flowers and Rick Haith.

EducationQuest is pleased to announce the first two inductees into its new Hall of Fame program. They are Stacey Flowers and Rick Haith, both alumni of our Reaching Your Potential Scholarship Program.

Stacey and Rick were honored at EducationQuest’s College Access Symposium held March 31 in Lincoln.

They were selected for achieving success after overcoming tremendous obstacles – and for serving as an inspiration for others.

About Stacey Flowers

Stacey Flowers, a spring 2003 Reaching Your Potential recipient,  planned to drop out of high school when she became pregnant. Instead, her school counselor and other caring adults propelled her to the College of St. Mary where she could go to school and care for her child. She graduated in 2007 and then achieved a master’s degree from Loyola University in 2011. Today, Stacey is an international speaker, business strategist and author.

About Rick Haith

Rick Haith, a fall 2005 Reaching Your Potential recipient, dealt with obstacles that included drug abuse and a car accident that took his friend’s life and left him paralyzed. Rick overcame these obstacles and earned an associate’s degree from Southeast Community College in 2006 and bachelor’s from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2009.  Today Rick serves as a recreational therapist and adaptive sports coordinator for Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital.

About the Hall of Fame

We developed the Hall of Fame program in 2016 to honor recipients of EducationQuest programs and services who, through hard work, dedication and perseverance, have gone on to experience success.

By honoring these individuals and sharing their success stories, we hope to inspire those dealing with similar circumstances.

EducationQuest will select Hall of Fame inductees annually and will honor them at the biennial College Access Symposium.