If your college is participating in the Nebraska College Fairs, use the barcode technology from GoToCollegeFairs.com to electronically capture student data.

To use this process, download a smartphone app or rent a scanner.

Smartphone App Feature

Download the free GTCF MobileScan smartphone from the App Store or Google Play. You may purchase an access code for each device, and purchase the number of leads collectively required. Large schools may opt to pay for unlimited leads. If you plan to only attend one or two fairs and do not need a seasonal rental, GTCF offers a one-day mobile app option that includes leads for $25.

The app will allow you to:

  • scan barcodes using the phone’s camera
  • tag your leads to the event
  • add notes to student’s profiles
  • rank your leads for priority follow-up
  • automatically upload the data
  • leads are returned to your secure college portal for you to access immediately

Barcode scanner option

Scanner supplies may be limited this year, so order as soon as possible at GoToCollegeFairs.com or by calling 888.601.0200, option 2. The scanner package includes:

  • USB charging sync cable (plug into computer to charge the scanner)
  • jewel case
  • return shipping label

Plug the scanner into your computer to upload your scans via the Upload Manager. Once your leads are uploaded, they will be available immediately in your secure college portal.

Packages are good for four months. The spring season is February – May, and the fall season is August – November. Order early prior to the start of each fair season to avoid expedited shipping fees.