EducationQuest’s Reaching Your Potential Scholarship Program provides renewable scholarships twice a year to low-income Nebraska students who face obstacles to college. Applicants are referred by community agencies and schools statewide.

Since the program began in 2000, EducationQuest has disbursed over $4.9 million in scholarships to 432 Nebraskans. Of these, 78 percent are either in college or have graduated.

Click on the video above to watch the story of Cordara Thompson, a Reaching Your Potential recipient who succeeded in college.

How does EducationQuest help Reaching Your Potential recipients achieve success?

  • Recipients attending a two-year college receive $2,700 annually, and recipients attending a four-year college receive $5,500 annually.
  • Campus mentors help recipients stay on track.
  • EducationQuest’s scholarship staff provide ongoing support to recipients.
  • Our Reaching Out newsletter highlights recipient success stories, new recipients, and recent college graduates.

Interested in referring a student?

You are eligible to refer students to the Reaching Your Potential Scholarship Program if you are a representative of a Nebraska:

  • Community agency
  • College
  • High school currently funded by an EducationQuest College Access Grant (for spring round only)

Applicant Eligibility Criteria
Student Referral Process and Referral Guidelines
Awards & Disbursements