Education Quest photo shoot. October 22, 2013. Photo by Craig Chandler / University Communications

Applicants must be referred by a Nebraska community agency or a nonprofit college or university in Nebraska. (High schools funded by an EducationQuest College Access Grant can submit a limited number of referrals only for the spring cycles). Referrals from colleges must be submitted by the Financial Aid Office.

Submit your referral using the Applicant Referral Form. The Referral Form will ask for the student’s email address; therefore, all referred students MUST have an email account. Within two days of the referral, the student will receive an email from with application login instructions.

Please note: When you start typing the name of an agency in the Referral Form, a drop-down box will appear. Select your agency name from that list. If your agency name isn’t on the list, contact Lisa Mueller at 800.303.3745, ext. 6606 or 402.479.6606.

This scholarship is not available to the general public, so please do not publicize this program. We rely on the referral system to find students who best fit the intent of the program.

Referral Guidelines

  • Only refer candidates who best fit the program’s intent.
  • Do not refer family or friends.
  • You may refer employees of your organization if they are a client of your agency or student at your college.
  • If possible, follow up with your referrals to make sure they received an email with a link to the application.


  • Submit referrals for the spring round by March 15, 2022.
  • Deadline for student applications is April 1, 2022 for the spring round.


  • All applicants will be notified of results via email by May 31, 2022.