Education Quest spring 2014 photo shoots. May 22, 2014 Photo by Craig Chandler / University Communications

EducationQuest selects recipients each spring and fall. In total, approximately 30 recipients are selected each year. Recipients attending a two-year college will receive $3,000 and recipients attending a four-year college will receive $6,300.

Scholarships are renewable up to a bachelor’s degree based on satisfactory academic performance. Scholarships for part-time students are prorated.


Recipients selected in the fall receive a prorated award for the current academic year. EducationQuest will disburse funds in December.

Recipients selected in the spring will receive an award for the upcoming academic year. EducationQuest will disburse those funds in August.

EducationQuest commits funding to recipients through completion of their program. Renewal awards are disbursed in August. Verification forms are sent to the financial aid office to verify student eligibility. Students must:

  • maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by their institution, and
  • be enrolled at least half-time as defined by their institution.

Scholarships can be used for all educational expenses. The Reaching Your Potential scholarship should NOT replace any financial aid already packaged and/or awarded to the student unless the student is in an overaward status. If an overaward occurs, the financial aid office should reduce the amount of the student’s loans first before reducing or eliminating any grant or other scholarship aid.