These programs and resources will help your middle school students get on the path to college.

NEW! Interactive Virtual Resources

Mission: Put your hands on some cash – for college! – this Virtual Escape Room teaches students about ways to pay for college. Students must correctly answer questions to move from section to section.

Career Chat Live – These virtual career speaker sessions for students feature professionals in a variety of in-demand career areas. Click here to request a session for your students.

Look2College for 6th Grade Students

Look2College provides three considerations for sixth graders: What do you want to be? How will you get there? and How will you pay for it?

Look2College coverPublication – has information and activities that guide students through the three considerations.

Facilitator Guide – provides additional activities you can use to engage students in the content.

Presentation Slides – have big-screen information and visuals that follow the publication and facilitator guide.

PowerPoint Slides    Google Slides


If you’re using the 2019-20 Look2College publication, use these PowerPoint Slides.

KnowHow2GO for 7th & 8th Grade Students

KnowHow2GO promotes three steps 7th and 8th grade students should follow: Find the right fit, Push yourself, and Put your hands on some cash.

Publication – has information and activities that guide students through the three steps.

Facilitator Guide – has classroom activities that reinforce the content in the KnowHow2GO publication.

KnowHow2GO Activities – find additional activities that relate to each step of KnowHow2GO.

Presentation Slides – will guide your students through the KnowHow2GO publication. PowerPoint Slides      Google Slides


8th Grade Campus Visit Grant

Taking eighth graders on a campus visit can help them realize college is possible. Click here for details about our 8th Grade Campus Visit Grant program.