These programs and resources will help your middle school students get on the path to college.

8th Grade Campus Visit Grant

Taking eighth graders on a campus visit can help them realize college is possible. Click here for details about our 8th Grade Campus Visit Grant program.

Middle School Website section

This new web section has fun and interactive virtual resources that will help your 6th-8th graders explore colleges and careers, succeed in school, and find money for college.

Resources include:

SMART GoalsΒ – Guides students through activities that teach them how to create goals.

Ask for Help – Prompts students to think about who they can ask for help when encountering certain situations.

Mission: Pay for College – This “escape room” type of activity helps students unlock the power of saving for college and applying for financial aid.

College Savings Scholarship – Gives students the opportunity to apply for a $200 scholarship if they correctly answer questions about saving for college.

Look2College for 6th Grade Students

Look2College provides three considerations for sixth graders: What do you want to be? How will you get there? and How will you pay for it?

Look2College coverPublication – has information and activities that guide students through the three considerations.

Facilitator Guide – provides additional activities you can use to engage students in the content.

Presentation Slides – have big-screen information and visuals that follow the publication and facilitator guide.


KnowHow2GO for 7th & 8th Grade Students

KnowHow2GO promotes three steps 7th and 8th grade students should follow: Find the right fit, Push yourself, and Put your hands on some cash.

Publication – has information and activities that guide students through the three steps.

Facilitator Guide – has classroom activities that reinforce the content in the KnowHow2GO publication.

KnowHow2GO Activities – find additional activities that relate to each step of KnowHow2GO.

Presentation Slides – will guide your students through the KnowHow2GO publication.