These activities provide step-by-step guides you can use in the classroom.

General KnowHow2GO Activities

KnowHow2GO Handbook Scavenger Hunt – helps students find valuable college planning information in EducationQuest’s KnowHow2GO Handbook.

 College Doesn’t Just Happen Video and PowerPoint – features a 10-minute video and follow-up PowerPoint about how decisions made in high school affect a student’s ability to go to college.

 KnowHow2GO Pep Rally – provides a checklist, emcee talking points, and speaker talking points that will help you plan a pep rally.

Step to the Top of the Class – helps students understand how the choices they make in high school can impact their future.

Step 1: Be a pain – in a good way.

How to “Be a Pain” – teaches students the importance of finding an adult who will help guide them to college; and will identify adults they can ask for help.

Create a Personal Team of Supporters – helps students create a support team to help guide them to college.

Step 2: Push yourself.

Calculating GPA – explains what a GPA is, why it is important, and how to calculate it.

Counting Credits – shows students the  coursework required for college admission.

Step 3: Find the right fit.

8th Grade College Campus Scavenger Hunt – Students will learn more about a college campus and how to navigate finding the right campus when it’s time to apply to college.

College Profiles: Finding the Right Fit for College – explains what different colleges have to offer, and what postsecondary education options they have.

Reality Check – allows students to discover which careers will allow them to afford their desired lifestyle.

Virtual Campus Tour – Student Guideallows students to visit Nebraska colleges via virtual campus tours.

Step 4: Put your hands on some cash.

College Costs and Financial Aid Basicsstudents learn about average college costs and types of financial aid to help them pay those costs

Financial Aid Factsdebunks the myths of financial aid

Financial Aid Choicesgame explains how decisions made by students can impact the money they can receive to go to college.