These activities provide step-by-step guides you can use in the classroom.

General Activity 

Exploring College Presentation – provides an easy way to guide your students through the Exploring College publication. (This is a 12.5 MB .pptx file.)

Getting Started

Create a MyEducationQuest Profile – provides access to Activities Resume, College Profiles, College Timeline, Reality Check, and ScholarshipQuest. 

GPA Game shows how it takes more than good grades to earn scholarships.

Build an Activities Resume – records a student’s extracurricular activities for future scholarship, college, and job applications.

How to Calculate Your GPA – shows how individual grades impact a student’s GPA.

Finding the Right Fit

Create a Career Plan – uses the activities in Exploring College to help students plan ahead for college and future careers.

Get a Reality Check – matches careers with the future lifestyles students desire.

Research Colleges – highlights various college options and what each school has to offer.

Finding Money for College

How much will college cost? – reveals the cost of college and how financial aid can help pay for it.

Financial Aid Mythbusters – debunks common myths about financial aid.