Some Nebraska high schools explain how they celebrate College Signing Day.

David City High School

On the senior’s last day, we brought all 7th-12th graders into the gym and also invited parents. Each senior had an opportunity to go up to a table and sign a letter of intent.  We had college logo signs made up for the tables and pictures were taken. Students seemed to love this event so I’m sure we will do it again next spring.

Wahoo High School

In January, we created an “Oh, The Places They Will Go” board for seniors.  When a student selects a college from the schools that accepted them, they “sign” with that school. Actually, they sign their name under the banner of that college or military branch. That banner is displayed in the hallway. We also take a picture of them signing and then tweet out the picture and tag the school’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Battle Creek High School

During a senior class, we announced each student’s post-high school decision and clapped as they came forward to get a certificate, then all enjoyed graduation-cap cookies. We also placed a large College Signing Day poster in the hall and listed each student’s name and the college they will be attending. In the morning, we used an intercom announcement to read how many seniors would be attending each college or military branch. We then encouraged the student body and staff to congratulate the seniors for taking the next step for their future.

Plattsmouth High School

We usually celebrate College Signing Day the last week of April during an all-school assembly. We have whiteboards with college names on them, then ask seniors to sign their name on their board while we play the school song. We also have a PowerPoint that lists the name of the students for each school, and present a small gift to each senior. We later hang the whiteboards up in our cafeteria area until after graduation so students will see them during their lunches.

Conestoga Jr.-Sr. High

To celebrate College Signing Day, seniors are encouraged to wear a shirt from their college, and then we have signs with the different colleges at lunch and they come and sign on their college’s poster. We then use those posters in a display that can be seen for the rest of the year and at graduation. Simple, but the seniors seem to be proud to participate.