Application Process

EducationQuest is accepting College Access Grant applications for the 2018 cycle.
Please note:
The College Access Grant application process is now completely online.

If your school is interested in applying, follow these application requirements:

  1. A representative from your school must attend EducationQuest’s College Access Symposium Thursday, April 12 in Lincoln. Watch for details and an invitation.
  2. Complete a Letter of Intent by May 1, 2018. After your Letter of Intent is approved, you will receive instructions on how to access the online College Access Grant application.
  3. Complete the College Access Grant application by June 11, 2018.


  • All Nebraska public and private high schools are eligible to apply if approved or accredited to issue a high school diploma.
  • Schools planning to apply must send a representative to EducationQuest’s College Access Symposium Thursday, April 12 in Lincoln.
  • Previous College Access Grant recipients may reapply two years from the last year of funding. High schools selected in 2012 may reapply in 2018.

Funding Amounts

The amount each school receives depends on their 9th through 12th grade enrollment. Funding is provided for four years.

While all students are eligible to participate in grant-funded activities, schools must select a minimum target audience of students in grades 9 through 12 who are less likely to go to college without participating in a college access program.

Number of Students Annual Funding Amount Number of Awards Minimum Student Target Population
125 or less $2,500 Up to 8 100%
126 to 300 $5,000 TBD* 20%
301 to 600 $7,500 TBD* 15%
601 to 1,300 $10,000 TBD* 10%
1,301 and up $20,000 Up to 4 10%

*Determined by number of applications received in each category

Required Activities

  • Visit a Nebraska college campus.can_pub_16-791x1024
  • Attend a Financial Aid Presentation.
  • Complete the FAFSA (or College Funding Estimator).
  • Search for scholarships.
  • Apply to at least one college.
  • Host a college access meeting with 9th and 10th grade families.
  • Attend a College Fair or Educational Planning Program.
  • Provide information about dual-enrollment courses.
  • Secure a 10% business match.

See our How-to Guide for steps to completing each activity and resources from other grant-funded schools. Our College Access Nebraska publication highlights activities coordinated by current and past recipients.

Reporting Requirements


Contact Grants Manager Joy Roos at 800.303.3745, ext. 6909 (402.479.6909 in Lincoln).