Before you plan an 8th Grade Campus Visit, review these program details and requirements. EducationQuest is here to support you, so contact us if you have questions or need help.


This grant is open to any Nebraska public or private school that is approved or accredited to offer educational instruction by the Nebraska Department of Education.

Application Process

EducationQuest will not offer a 2020-21 8th Grade Campus Visit Grant. The next application cycle will open in the fall of 2021.


EducationQuest will provide up to $500 to each selected school. Your school may request additional funding (up to $750) if the nearest Nebraska college is a significant distance, or if you plan to serve a significant number of students.

Reimbursable expenses include transportation, meals and substitute pay. Keep track of expenses as you’ll need to include them in the year-end report. Receipts are not required.

Required Activities

These activities will help your 8th graders get the most out of their campus visit:

  • Take students on a campus visit to at least one Nebraska college or university. Students may also visit a business on the way to the college to learn about careers and educational requirements. Visiting a business is optional.
  • Help students explore careers that require a 2-year or 4-year college education.
  • Educate students about financial aid and how to earn future scholarships.

Reporting Requirements

The 8th Grade Campus Visit Grant application, program report, and budget report are online. Click here to log in to your grant portal to complete your reporting requirements.

Reporting requirements include:

  • Student Pre-Survey – identifies students’ perceptions of college and potential barriers. Submit aggregate survey results with your application.
  • Student Post-Survey – measures the effectiveness of college access activities based on changes in the students’ perception, knowledge, and behavior. Submit aggregate survey results with your program report.

Click here to find the Student Pre-Survey, Student Post-Survey, and overall reporting instructions. For electronic versions of student surveys, email Chelsey Karlin.

  • Program Report – provides information on student demographics, administrators’ perception on the success of the program, and aggregate results of the Student Post-Survey.
  • Budget Report – provides details of how grant funds were used.