EducationQuest has selected Buey Ray Tut, a former Reaching Your Potential scholarship recipient as the 2017 inductee into its Hall of Fame. Tut is co-founder of Omaha-based Aqua-Africa, an organization that is bringing clean water to villages in South Sudan.

Sharing the award with Tut is Buay Wiyual, also a former Reaching Your Potential recipient. Wiyual volunteers as Aqua-Africa’s director of field operations.

About Buey Ray Tut


Buey Ray Tut

Buey was born in South Sudan. When he was eight, his father became a political prisoner in Ethiopia. Upon his father’s release, the family immigrated to the United States as refugees settling in Omaha. Despite living in difficult inner-city conditions, Buey immersed himself in school to achieve his dream of going to college with a goal to help the people of South Sudan.

Buey attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha and graduated in 2008 with a degree in political science. While at UNO, he and a childhood friend co-founded Aqua-Africa, an organization with a mission to provide access clean water and a vision to develop South Sudan. As of 2017, the organization is providing clean water to over 20,000 people in South Sudan.

Buey shares his time between his home in Omaha and South Sudan as he continues his work with Aqua-Africa.

About Buay Wiyual


Buay Wiyual

Like Buey, Buay grew up in war-torn South Sudan where the two briefly knew each other. When he was 12, Buay immigrated to the United States and eventually moved to Omaha. Despite dealing with language barriers that made school rather tough, Buay graduated from high school and went on to Wayne State College. He graduated in 2008 with a degree in construction management  and a goal to help rebuild his native country.

As a volunteer with another nonprofit organization, Buay used his education and skills to build a school house and medical clinic in his native village of Kierwan located in Nasir County.

After reconnecting with Buey, Buay joined Aqua-Africa volunteering his time as director of field operations. He lives in Humble, Texas where he is a general engineer for the Texas Department of Transportation.

Tut and Wiyual were inducted into the the Hall of Fame for achieving success after overcoming tremendous obstacles – and for serving as an inspiration for others.


South Sudanese villagers gather to celebrate a new well that will bring them clean water. The well was provided by Aqua-Africa.


About Aqua-Africa
Aqua-Africa believes, “Without Water Nothing Can Grow”. The organization’s mission is to provide access to clean water but their vision for South Sudan is development. Over the past five years, the organization has provided access to clean water to over 20,000 South Sudanese. To learn more, visit