couch full of clutter

When you started middle school, you suddenly had a lot more teachers and classes. If you’re feeling a little discombobulated, here are some ideas to get yourself organized.

Get a planner – and use it

Write down what you did in each class and any assignments you have. Then you can look at it that evening and feel confident you didn’t forget anything!

Sort paper or electronic files

Do you have electronic files all over your desktop? Make some folders! Start with one for each class, like Reading, Science, Math – and put your files in the right spot. Even more important: name your files with descriptions that make sense. It’ll be easier to find “hurricane research” when it’s not named “Document 6.”

Do you have a pile of papers in your backpack? Buy some basic pocket folders and notebooks (they’re usually pretty cheap) and label them for each of your classes. Even better: get a trapper keeper. (Look it up. It’s awesome.)

Now it’s time to focus

There are so many distractions around you that it’s hard to actually get work done. Use this method to focus:

Set a timer for 25 minutes and work. Continue to use your computer, but stay off of distraction sites! Once your timer dings, take a 5-minute break. Watch a video, reply to texts, get a snack, take a walk. Remember to set a 5-minute timer for break time, too!

Ask for help if any of these tips don’t work for you. Lots of teachers and other adults in your life have had to figure out their best organizing methods, and they may have a suggestion that works for you!