A life of financial success begins with a strong education.

EducationQuest has teamed up with Inceptia, a private, not-for-profit organization, to teach you personal finance basics through Inceptia’s online financial education program, Financial Avenue.

Financial Avenue offers a range of online courses and mini-modules to help you gain life-long knowledge about personal money management.


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Financial Avenue

Success Stories

Financial Avenue teaches important money lessons that benefit students. Here’s what other students are saying:

“I didn’t realize exactly where my money went—only that it was gone.
It really helped to see what I spend my money on.” 

“I really liked the courses. I can’t believe how much I didn’t know.”

“I think the Budgeting course is really beneficial to all. There are a few items that were
included in this course such as reasons to save, ways to reduce your expenses,
and increase your income that many would not have otherwise considered.”

Questions or Support Issues:
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888.454.4668 | customerservice@inceptia.org