Almost any college student will tell you that a lack of structure and poor time management nearly led to their demise during their freshman year. Heed their warning and follow their “timely” advice…

Go to class!

It’s a better use of your time to hear class information first-hand rather than emailing classmates or teachers trying to get their notes. Get more information from this blog.

Use a planner or planner app every day.

Make a schedule for attending class, studying, working, and even socializing and exercising. Be sure to reward yourself when you stick to it.

Use the class syllabus to plan your workload.

Divide large projects into manageable chunks and create interim deadlines. Don’t wait for the professor to remind you of due dates.

Study in time blocks.

Plan blocks of study time separated by brief rest periods.

Use the time in-between classes.

Instead of checking Facebook, watching TV or killing time in other ways between classes, review for tests, copy notes from a previous class, catch up on textbook reading, conduct research or do homework.

Learn to say “no.”

Learn to politely say “no” to activities that will interfere with achieving your goals.