Wondering about future job prospects in Nebraska? Check out the top ten jobs in Nebraska on a week-by-week basis. This list is compiled by the Nebraska Departments of Labor, Economic Development and Education. A “hot job” has a high number of job postings considered to be “high wage, high demand and high skill.” (H3).

Clicking on a job title will take you to information about that job, such as:

  • h3 pagewages
  • career projections for whole state and regions within the state
  • related occupations
  • current job listings
  • training and internship options

You can also select an individual career cluster to get more information on:

  • career projections
  • gender and age distribution
  • careers within this cluster that meet H3 standards.

If you’re worried about your future career, want some extra information before choosing your major, or are just curious about the best career opportunities in Nebraska, this site is a great tool for you.