130326_EQuest_660Advice from current college students

“Get involved,” says Sondra, a sophomore at Western Nebraska Community College in Scottsbluff. “You’ll meet new people and eventually forget you’re away from home.” She also advises that you go to class and keep up with the reading. “You don’t realize how much you learn just by sitting through the lectures,” she said. “And, if you get behind on reading, it never ends, so read a bit each day so you can enjoy some free time.”

Troy, a biology major at Hastings College, says his toughest adjustment was living with a roommate. “My study time was his play time so I had to find a new place to study,” he said. “Be versatile and learn to compromise.” Troy also warns that academic expectations are different in college. “Be prepared to learn how to study. No one will remind you to do homework, so make a study schedule and stick to it.”

Shamika is a broadcast major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She quickly learned that succeeding in college required a lot of effort and time. “Get involved in study groups and meet with your professors outside of class if you don’t understand a new concept,” she said. Shamika had an easy time in high school because of the set schedule and support from her parents. “The only reminder you have in college is your alarm clock,” she said. “You’ll get a syllabus at the beginning of the semester and nothing more is said about assignments. Start early on projects because it’s too easy to fall behind,” she said.