I get it, applying for scholarships and grants is complicated, time-consuming, and a real pain in the posterior. One of my favorite apps is Evernote because it helps me organize my life. Here are three ways Evernote can help you apply for scholarships and grants.

Save potential scholarships

Keeping track of scholarships can be difficult. Amazon has 12,688 books about scholarships and each one could have a few that you would apply for. On top of that, you have thousands of websites that offer you the ability to search for scholarships. I love using Evernote as a way to bring both worlds into one and keep track of deadlines.

  1. Start by downloading Scannable and connecting it to your Evernote account. Scannable is an Evernote companion app that lets you scan documents using the camera on your smartphone.
  2. Create an organization structure that makes sense. For me, I have scholarships in a single Evernote Notebook, but I tag each scholarship. I can use the tags to easily find scholarships by type or amount.
  3. Go to the library, your school’s counseling office, or an EducationQuest office and look through the scholarship books. When you find one that you want to apply for, use Scannable to scan the page. You’ll then save it to your notebook in Evernote and tag it based on what you set up in step #2.
  4. Get the Evernote Web Clipper and go to a scholarship search site, I suggest ScholarshipQuest. 😉 When you find a scholarship you plan to apply for, just clip it to your notebook and tag it however you want. Most of the time you get all the information about that scholarship including any links for applications. On occasion, the Web Clipper can not get the text. If that happens to you, just take a screenshot of the page and be sure to copy any application links into the note with the screenshot.
  5. Make it a habit to open your Evernote account and look at what is coming up every week. I like to add reminders so I don’t miss important deadlines.

Using the Evernote App to Get Financial Aid

Manage required documents

When I have scholarships that require multiple essays and a resume, I love using Evernote to keep it all together. I usually create a note for each scholarship where I can write ideas and things I need to remember, like where I found the scholarship. You can then attach files to the note, so I will save my resume and attach it and copies of each essay.

When it is time to send everything in, I just download the attachments and follow the instructions for sending in my application!

Save your FAFSA information

Hi, my name is Jason, and I have Papyrophobia. 🙂 Despite my desire to be 100% paper-free, there are times where I have no way around printing something. Luckily, completing my FAFSA is not one of those times. Instead of printing my summary and confirmation screens, I like to use Web Clipper to create a note with my confirmation number and EFC in it. I can then upload the PDF of my summary from the prior page. I even go back a few days later and upload my Student Aid Report (SAR) so that it is all in one place. This is very helpful year after year when I apply for financial aid. Plus, some scholarships want your SAR, so mine is always in the same place and easy to get to anywhere I have access to the internet.


The #1 tip I hear and read about scholarships is to get organized. Hopefully, these tips and the Evernote app will help you manage the process and get as much financial aid as possible.


One thing I love about apps is that everyone finds unique ways to use them. Do you use Evernote? How has it helped you organize yourself for college? Share your tips in the comments section.