Ear_Eye_HandDo you ever do better with certain projects, tests, teachers, or even classes, and wonder why you can’t do that in all your classes? It could be your learning style – the way you take in information and understand it.

There are three main types of learning styles:

  • Auditory – learn best by hearing or listening to information
  • Visual – learn best by seeing information
  • Kinesthetic/Tactile – learn best by physically interacting with information

Watch this YouTube video to see learning styles in the movies!

So which learning style do you prefer? Take this free online 20-question quiz from EducationPlanner.org to find out.

Once you know your learning style, take action on habits you can improve to help your own learning!

If you are an auditory learner,

  • read aloud or have someone read aloud the information to you
  • work with other people in a study group where you can brainstorm or practice ideas out loud with others; ask one another questions
  • make up rhymes or song lyrics to learn information

If you are a visual learner,

  • take notes, make pictures or graphs, and make flashcards to go along with the information you are learning
  • visualize words and concepts in your head
  • make a list, organize the steps, and check them off as you complete them

If you are a kinesthetic/tactile learner,

  • walk while studying – or any type of movement
  • take breaks while doing work – set a timer to go off every 20-30 minutes to take a 5 minute break where you can get a snack or take a walk
  • role play or construct models when learning new information

All learners:

  • use mnemonic devices – phrases or words that stand for something else. For example, Roy G. Biv stands for the colors of the rainbow in order: Red orange yellow Green Blue indigo violet

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