As recently reported in the Wall Street Journal and other nationwide and statewide media, the FBI and a court in Boston unveiled indictments for over 50 people who bilked the system of college admissions, all through one key individual, William Rick Singer. Millions of dollars flowed into the hands of Singer and the coffers of college admissions and/or athletic department fundraising and personal accounts. Media articles describe an intricate network of people with significant means taking shortcuts in the college admissions process, specifically with standardized tests and admission requirements.
By Liz S. Koop, EducationQuest President & CEO

When this scandal came to light, there were no connections to any Nebraska students, families, or colleges. The story appears to center on extremely wealthy families on the east and west coast who want their children to attend Ivy-league type schools.

Our Nebraska work ethic

What are these parents and adults teaching the current generation of college kids-students who will soon enter the workforce and have to prove themselves regardless who signed their diploma? I can hear professors in college ethics courses talking about this scandal for years to come. In Nebraska, our work ethic is one of hard work and earning your rewards. If you do well in elementary, middle and high school, you will potentially achieve success in higher education. I hope that that is what most families around the country expect of their children. Obviously, a few had to find an alternative path and will now pay the consequences.

What college is about

Going to college is a not an entitlement. It also doesn’t matter where you go. It’s about what you learn and what you experience. Making friends from around the state, or the world. Getting involved in activities that open new doors of opportunity. Building relationships with professors who can become a lifelong advocate of your abilities. It’s about a journey that takes you into adulthood, the workforce and a society where you will make amazing contributions.

EducationQuest will help you for free

EducationQuest Foundation has provided over 30 years of free college planning services to Nebraska students and families as they prepare for admission to colleges and universities in Nebraska and around the country. The process of planning for college in Nebraska should not cost you one dime, nor potentially cost you your reputation or your future. If you have questions about the process: taking standardized tests (ACT or SAT), qualifications for college admission in Nebraska or elsewhere, completing the FAFSA, or searching for scholarships, we can help you. But know this, our services are provided for free with the utmost integrity and ethical standards in order to set you on a path for higher education success!

Righting a wrong

Media articles indicate that the colleges and universities caught up in the scandal are trying to identify how much money was donated via the fraudulent acts of a few, and redirect the funds to scholarships for low-income students. A testimony of how to make a right from a wrong.

Liz S. Koop is President & CEO of EducationQuest Foundation.