For many college students, Thanksgiving is a time to disconnect from homework and reconnect with family. In between turkey time and football time, be sure to say thank you to all those who helped you on your college journey!
College Student And Family Celebrating Graduation

In my case, here is a list of what I am thankful for, dedicated to my parents:

Thank you, Mom, for packing my school lunches back in elementary school, so that all I needed to do was sleepily walk up to the refrigerator and grab my Ghostbusters lunchbox and shuffle out the door.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for dragging me out of bed in the mornings back in middle school, even when I didn’t want to wake up after having played PlayStation late into the night.

Thank you, Dad, for teaching me how to drive a stick-shift, and Mom for letting me drive the mini-van to my first part-time job. Sorry about the bumper, I swear it wasn’t my fault!

Thank you, Mom, for accompanying me to a college visit, even if you had to reshuffle your work schedule to do so.

Thank you, Mom, for bugging me non-stop to get my FAFSA filed. Even if you didn’t fully understand it, you knew it would help me get money for college.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for showing an interest in where I attended college… even if you embarrassed me when the pretty tour guide was talking with us.

Thanks for coming to visit me while I was away at college. The care packages and the dinners were a much needed reenergizer.

Thank you for being there during my college graduation, and for making me feel that I had made you the proudest parents in the world.

Thank you both for all the years of your working hard, long hours, and your many sacrifices. While you both never attended college, you made sure to instill into my mind the importance of going to college, so that I wouldn’t have to work in conditions as tough as you did.

Thank you for the moment I became a young professional; the day I started my professional career. I had just walked into my new office, I saw a computer, my own desk, a plant, tables and chairs, and a nameplate with my name across it. At that moment I knew that none of this would have been possible without your love and support.

Thanks Mom and Dad.