Summer has finally arrived – WHEW!  For some college students, this three-month break is music to their ears, while others continue taking classes over the summer. Whatever the case, it is important for all current and first-time college students to stay connected to your college’s student portal – even over the summer months!

A student portal is an online tool which you can access to receive college-specific information.  There’s an abundance of information that the college passes on based on the student’s particular situation. The portal is the main communication cog between the college and the student, so it’s vital to stay connected to your student portal all year long!

When you apply for college admission, you’ll get a student ID number and will be instructed to create a password.  This login information should remain the same throughout your years at that particular institution. The college will also ask you to set up contact information for yourself as well as personal contacts. The student portal will allow you to enter bank account information for refund deposits, provide your financial aid offer, allow you to apply for a roommate, and many other features.  If you are willing, it might not be a bad idea to sit down with your parent(s) and explore the site with them.  They may see something important that you are overlooking or may be able to help you maneuver from task to task.  This will also give them some peace of mind that you are on the right track!

As you become familiar with the site and progress through college, you will understand how the portal notifies you about upcoming dates and opportunities, transcript/scholarship/graduation applications, timetables, a listing of your advising committee, allow you to register for the following semester’s classes, and review your final grades at the end of each semester…well, you get the picture!  Colleges are committed to keeping students and families “in the know” so you’re not missing out on any important information.

If you have any questions concerning your student portal, you may contact the admissions department at the college that you plan to attend and they will be able to further direct you.