Time Management for Professionals

Time Management

Counselors, how many of us find ourselves teaching students about time management only to turnaround and find time slipping through our fingers? According to EducationWorld, setting priorities is rule number one when it comes to time management and they share the following tips: Prioritize! Make a list of tasks to tackle each day and give…

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How to Deal with Roommate Troubles

Dealing with Roommate Troubles

When selecting a college roommate, many freshmen want a fresh start so they leave that up to the college.  Others ask a friend from high school to room together.   During my college career I had many roommates. I still talk to some, but a few have moved on, still up to their old nasty habits.  …

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9 Things That Shocked Me About College

College is a wonderful new experience that will create life-long memories, but it also has the potential to shock you to your core! Below are a few surprises (and a few recommendations) to help you navigate the next few years of your life: 9) Professors can be rock stars! In their corner of academia, professors can…

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