This month marks the start of a new year – and a new decade! There is no better time to think about your future and to dream big. In that spirit, our blog squad has wishes for all the seniors out there.

Show Up – Jeannine Phelan

Because I am still learning this lesson, my hope is that you will show up for your life. Be present in all you do. When you’re in class, focus on the professor and participate in class discussions. When you’re with friends, listen to what they are saying without formulating your response. Spend time with parents and grandparents and discover more about your roots. As often as possible, wake up for the sunrise and enjoy the splendor of the sunset. Find something to marvel at each day.

Enjoy Yourself – Allison Ourada

I hope that high school seniors will be able to find time to enjoy their last few months of high school. It’s normal to be excited about what’s coming next, but you’re currently having experiences that you will never have again, so do your best to make some great memories of the end of your senior year. Enjoy time with your friends and family, and get the most out of your final high school experiences before they are gone forever!

Manage Your Money – Kristin Ageton

I hope you’ll commit to taking responsibility for your money. I see a huge source of stress for college students and young professionals is not understanding the cash flow in and out of their life – and falling into deep debt! Ask questions about financial aid award letters – and take on a manageable amount of student loan debt (I once heard you should only borrow as much money as you plan to earn in one year of your first job. For me, that would have been $30,000). Make a budget and stick to it. Delay gratification by considering what you need – like food, not the latest phone. Starting these habits now will save you endless stress – and dollars – in the future.

Push Yourself – RJ Vega

My hope for the senior class is that you embrace your strength, beauty, and power; that you push yourself to learn more, listen more, and experience more. This world will be yours to shape, and I hope you embrace all the opportunities you can in educational, professional, and personal development. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even the tough ones. Listen to those who came before you, but also don’t be afraid to stand up and lead. With that said, make time for yourself, too. Enjoy the beauty of nature, art, of simply existing. You have a voice. You have presence. Now go out and make this world better.

Chase Your Dreams – Jacquie Butler

You don’t have to have all the answers right now…you’re young and you’ll get it figured out.  So, chase those dreams, go to that college you’ve been thinking about or pursue that career path you want.  The wonderful thing about being young is that you can take risks and have few heavy responsibilities looming over you.  Enjoy your last few months of high school, plan for your future.  My wish for you is that you are able to attain all of the goals you have in place…but never stop setting new goals or trying to better yourself.

Live in the Moment – Wynter Davis

My hope is for you to be present and live in the moment as you finish up the last semester of your senior year. I know right now might seem overwhelming and a bit stressful being the next chapter in your life is right around the corner. Therefore, take everything in while you’re still a senior in high school. For example, hang out with your friends more, go to different events and activities at your school, and create lasting memories that you’ll look back on—the good and the not so good – lol.