I never get tired of the inspiration that comes with the New Year. Although resolutions can seem trite, there is a reason we keep making them – because sometimes they work! Think about all the people who will start new diets, show up at the gym, and swear off cigarettes this month. Deep down, we are optimists with big dreams. Want to come one step closer to achieving your dreams? Try one (or all) of the suggestions below.

Declare your goals

If you really want to achieve a goal, tell everyone you know about it. Declare it on social media, talk about it with family and friends, and shout it from the rooftops. The pressure you just put on yourself is better than any external influence. Who knows, you might inspire others to do the same, or help you along the way.

Create a vision board

Grab a poster board, markers, magazines, and glue to create (in words and pictures) the life you want. Place your name on the board, and find images or words that define what you seek physically, financially, and spiritually. If you want a new car, put it on the board. Looking for romance? Put it on the board. Want to transform your physique or simply improve your health? Put it on the board. Place your completed board where you will see it every day. You’ll be amazed at the results!

Take small steps

To reach a big goal, make small changes or take small steps along the way. Think of it like writing a term paper. If you break the huge assignment into smaller tasks, it is much easier to complete the project. If you want to lose a few pounds, make small changes to your diet and watch the results over time. Making sweeping changes, or cramming for exams, rarely works in the long run.

Write your own eulogy

It might be unorthodox to talk about death with the birth of a New Year, but we are in a sense saying goodbye to last year to make room for something new. We all have a clean slate, a fresh start!

What are people going to say about you when you die? Think about what you want out of life. What degree are you seeking? What career do you desire? What mate do you dream about? Now set about making those things happen!

Take the 30-day challenge

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, decide to make small changes every month for a year. Start with something simple like taking a photograph each day, sharing a daily gratitude, or disconnecting from social media. Over time, you might try something more complicated like exercising, meditating for five minutes, or going vegan – all for one month. It will be interesting to see which good habits you keep, and which bad habits you set aside.

So, stop dreaming and start something new this year. Be selfish and focus on making yourself a little better in 2018. If we all do this, we’ll build a better world!