I know, another campus visit blog.  Ho hum.  We’ve done a few of these already, haven’t we?  That’s why I thought I’d try a little different tack this time around, and focus on making these things both informative and fun!  That’s right, I’m suggesting something that amounts to an extracurricular-homework hybrid could be something you enjoy!  Check out these tips and you might find out you can enjoy yourself whilst you learn and plan for your future…
Prospective college students and their families take campus tour

Make it a game.

There are lots of ways to game-ify being on a college campus, and so long as you aren’t drawing any untoward attention to yourself (starting a food fight in the dining hall could be an example! ;)), why not?!  Perhaps you see who can get the most countries represented on a single plate of food (tacos meet lo mein meet pizza meet hamburgers!) at said dining hall, or use a fun and useful scavenger hunt map like this one from CollegeXPress (hat tip!), or count how many times see the college’s logo or its mascot around campus.  When you’re finished, use this Campus Visit Score Card from The College Board to rate your experience!  Everybody likes rating things. 🙂

Go with a trusted friend.

A campus visit should be about you and your plans to find the right fit for college, but if you have a close friend who feels the same, having a second set of like-aged eyeballs could be both fun and helpful as you consider the different things you’re looking for in a school.  Never mind this is someone with whom to share jokes, point out a curious character who looks just like your geometry teacher from 8th grade, or help you scope for future boyfriend/girlfriend prospects. 😉

Plan to check out the town, too.

Especially if you’re going someplace that isn’t where you live, do a little research on the town in which the college is located to see what else (fun) is nearby campus.  This could be a cool restaurant, music venue, museum, or some other attraction both college students and the area “townies” (non-college-students who live in the town) enjoy.  Even if you are checking out a local school in your hometown, maybe after the visit you convince your friend/parent/guardian to stop by the local frozen yogurt joint that you don’t get to all the time.

Ask questions on the subject.

Who better than college students— which may include your tour guide on your visit— to ask what’s fun to do on and around campus?  After all, college is more than homework, research projects and test-taking; when you’ve allotted your time wisely and genuinely have some free time you shouldn’t be spending in some other more productive way, have some fun and enjoy your new-found freedom that comes with the added responsibility.

Happy hunting, good luck and, don’t forget: Have fun!