It’s….Spring Break!!! Finally! Now that you’ve got some time off, what are you going to do? If you’re like most students, you’re staying local for your time off. But how can you make the most of this staycation?


  1. Take a day off from your phone, computer, Internet, gaming – anything electronic. Research shows that our brains won’t take a rest when we’re constantly using these devices. We’re thinking about our next social media post, waiting for an email, and wanting to look up that celebrity gossip online. When you can’t recharge your mind, it can leave you with stress, anxiety, and related unhealthy issues. This fast might be especially perfect if you can convince your friends to take this challenge with you – while you’re all together. Because you’ll miss each other if you can’t Snapchat.
  1. Spring clean! Face it: your bedroom is filthy. Take the plunge. Get a trash can, cleaning rags, and get busy. Dust, wash your sheets, and donate clothes you don’t wear anymore. These videos share tips for cleaning your room and tips for cleaning your closet. ‘Cause the spider webs aren’t gonna clear themselves. And the fewer the spider webs, the less likely you are to swallow a spider while you sleep (which is a myth!).

Or…one-up your spring cleaning by redoing your room! This YouTube video will give some tips for redecorating your room on a budget.

  1. Have a “Power” day – Choose one day (or several hours over the course of a few days) of your time off to suck it up and get some stuff done!
  • Power through homework and projects from school. You’ll feel less stressed if this is done before you go back and receive more homework and projects.
  • Update your Activities Resume. This will set you up to more easily complete college applications and scholarships senior year.
  • Research colleges. Do you want a small or large campus? What schools have your desired major?
  • Find and fill out scholarship applications. If you spent two hours filling out an application for $500 and you actually receive it, you just made $250 an hour!
  • Research and apply to a few summer job options. ‘Cause you’ll need that extra cash to pay tuition.
  • Sign up for Countdown2College. Receive an email every month with tips and resources to help you plan and pay for college.
  1. Do some good while taking a break from school – and boost your Activities Resume. There are lots of reasons volunteering can better your life and it’s easy to get started.
  1. Rest! Sleep in. Hang with friends. Binge on a Netflix series. The life of a teen is stressful. Take this time to “check-out’ and rejuvenate before the daily grind starts again. You’ve earned it.

Enjoy this time away from your studies. But don’t squander it: make a plan to both rest and be productive for your spring break staycation. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re feeling relief while everyone else is stressed with scholarship application deadlines and can’t find their English project in their disheveled room.