I’m not a huge movie buff, but despite that character flaw I still have found that movies can provide some interesting life lessons. If I had my way, every one of the examples below would be from Star Wars, but I was told to expand my horizons. If you have not checked it out you should really read my blog from this past May.

If you have not seen these movies, spoiler alert!!! I wish I could get around it, but I can’t. Fire up Netflix and catch up.

Up first, a lesser-known movie called Accepted. To set the stage, Bartleby slacked off in high school and missed college deadlines. Fearing backlash from his dad, he creates a fake college but gets caught and brought before the Accreditation Board. This scene reminded me that college is meant to encourage your creativity and inspire you to do great things. There is also a perfect school for everyone, and it could be totally different from what your friends are doing. Don’t be afraid to go your own way.

Patch Adams is a movie based on the experiences of a real person. In this scene, he appeals to the audience about relating to and engaging in humanity. I have to admit that I have a low Emotional Quotient. In spite of that shortcoming, I was moved by this scene to challenge myself to relate to people more. Like Patch, I challenge you to talk to and engage with your classmates and professors on a personal level, a level that is not just about the task at hand.

While I refrained from only showing examples from Star Wars, I can’t leave it out. And what better scene than Luke and Yoda? In this scene, Yoda tells Luke that a Jedi must have the deepest commitment and a serious mind. I would say the same thing about students at any level. If you are to be successful you must commit yourself to that task. You must understand that there are tasks you may not like that will be required for you to achieve your goals.

I don’t condone skipping class, but Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a classic. In this scene, Ferris’ friend Cameron and girlfriend Sloan are talking about the future. You might be in high school right now and think that a friend has it all figured out. Odds are, they don’t. I think at that age we are all just trying to find our way. It’s okay if you have not planned out your life, and it doesn’t mean you’ll end up as a fry cook, like Cameron predicted of Ferris.

Since I am not a huge movie buff I am sure there are more examples out there. What are your favorite movie clips that relate to school? What have you learned from them? Share it with the group in the comments below. Best of luck as you continue your journey, and “may the force be with you.”