Want to read for fun this summer? Not sure where to start? Check out these prompts to kick-start your summer reading journey.Young woman reading at home

Reread a book you loved when you were younger

Here’s a secret: reading below your ‘grade level’ can be a lot of fun! Summer is a great time to give your brain a break, so choose a book that you loved when you were younger and give it another try.

My childhood favorites:

Read a nonfiction book

If you are not used to nonfiction, don’t assume it has to be boring. Start with a funny memoir or a book related to a topic that you’re interested in.

My favorite nonfiction:

Read a graphic novel

I only recently started getting into graphic novels and I love them! Not only are they quick reads, but you can find a graphic novel in just about any genre, topic, or reading level that you can imagine.

My favorite graphic novels:

Read a classic

You might think that you hate classics, but you may find that it’s different when you’re reading one for fun instead of reading one for an assignment. Plus, if you pick out one that bores you, you can leave it unfinished and start a different one!

My favorite classics:

Read a book based on a movie or TV show that you like

Do you have a movie or TV show that you’re obsessed with? Check and see if it’s based on a book, then read it to see if the book really IS always better.

My favorite book to screen adaptations:

Read a book set in a place where you want to travel

Big summer vacation plans? Try finding a book set in the place that you are traveling to. No vacation plans? Find a book set in a place where you want to travel someday. Books can even give you good ideas for tour stops to visit. I first learned about the Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris from a book, and I got to visit it in real life last summer!

My favorite travel reads:

Read about an interesting period of history

History is far from boring if it’s presented in the right way, and historical fiction is a great way to learn about those worlds. Another historical reading option would be a biography or memoir written by someone who lived through that event. Pick a time period or a historical event that you want to learn more about, and find a book about it!

My favorite historical books:

Read a banned/challenged book

Summer is a great time to prepare for Banned Book Week (September 22-28, 2019)! The American Library Association keeps records of books that have been banned or challenged, and it can be fun to check them out for yourself. Just a disclaimer: be sure to check out the description of a banned book before you read it. If you’re reading content that you or your parents are uncomfortable with, that ruins the fun!

My favorite banned/challenged books:

Need more summer reading ideas? Check out a website like Goodreads that can give you book recommendations based on books you already like. Happy reading!