Today’s job market is very competitive. An internship is a great way to gain more job knowledge and adds to your hiring potential. An internship is a temporary job, paid or unpaid, in the field you’re interested in.

Here’s how to rock your internship:

  • Understand expectations. When you start the internship, you want to have personal goals. It’s also important to know what your supervisor expects from you. Having clear goals and expectations will keep you focused on the tasks assigned and allow you to build on your potential for further employment.


  • Get to know others. First impressions are critical. Be friendly and professional right off the bat. Taking the time to get to know your supervisors and coworkers will help make your job more enjoyable and a better experience. Just don’t go overboard with socializing with your coworkers.


  • Be professional. Being professional is not just how you dress – it includes your behavior, appearance, and your personal life. Technology has made the link between your work and personal life much more visible. Maintain a professional social media presence, if you have one.


  • Maintain a strong work ethic. At all times, stay busy – even if you have to find work to do. Your supervisor will have a better perception of you if you put forth effort – and you will find more opportunities to learn your work. Showing strong performance can also result in a glowing recommendation and performance review for future employers.


  • Allow for constructive criticism. An internship prepares you for a later job. Expect to get feedback on your performance. Open yourself to advice on how you could improve your work. Learning is a constant and you should learn to adapt to any job you may have.


Internships allow experiences to build your work and personal skills. If it wasn’t for my internship experience, I wouldn’t be where I am at today. Do you have any tips to “Rock” an internship? If so, include them in the comments section. Another blog you might want to check out is How to Get the Most from Your Internship.