It doesn’t take long for the excitement of finally being a senior to wear off. By this time of year, many seniors just want high school to be over already! It may be difficult to give classes or assignments your full attention, but trust me, your remaining time in high school is still important. Plus, learning how to do your best (even if your heart isn’t fully in it) is great practice for college, grad school, and yes, even the working world. Here are a few tips on how to finish out your senior year strong:

Figure Out What’s Left To Do

What do you have left to do before graduation? Write down a list of everything you need to accomplish. Include any assignments and tests that you know of, any extracurricular activities that will need your attention, scholarship/college prep work to complete, and anything else you would like to finish. No matter how small, if you need to get it done, write it down. Keep this to-do list updated until you graduate, including everything that you’ve already completed. Sometimes seeing everything that you’ve accomplished can be good motivation to keep going.

Prioritize Your To-Do List

Now that you have your list (and hopefully it isn’t too overwhelming), decide which tasks are the most important for you to complete. Rearrange your list to accommodate due dates, time needed to complete the task, and how fun (or horrible) it will be to complete. I personally prefer to get the tasks I DON’T want to do out of the way first. That way, my workload gets easier as time goes on. However, everyone has their own preference. Organize your work in the most manageable way for you.

Set Reasonable Goals

A list of big tasks looks less intimidating if it is broken down into smaller tasks. Decide what baby steps you need to take to accomplish your goals. Do you need to write an outline for that final paper? Study for a final exam? Finish your speech for graduation? Break all of the big, overwhelming tasks into small, manageable tasks.

Reward Yourself

Next, make sure you reward yourself for completing those baby steps! Motivation is hard to come by during your senior year, so make sure that you’re working toward something that you want, not just the satisfaction of a job well done (which can feel great, but often isn’t enough motivation for most of us, let’s be honest).  On the other hand, it’s important not to reward yourself TOO much. An appropriate reward for finishing the introduction to your final essay is a fifteen minute break or a snack, NOT taking the rest of the day off. Reward yourself in small ways for accomplishing smaller goals. Reward yourself in bigger ways by finishing larger goals. But always remember to get back to work. You still don’t have much time to get everything finished!

Remember To Have Fun

I know it may feel like you will never get out of high school, but it will be over sooner than you think. What are you looking forward to? Whenever you’re feeling bored or impatient, think about something that you’re excited about between now and graduation, or something that you enjoyed about high school that you’ll miss. Take time to enjoy your friends and family in between all of the work. Enjoy prom. Plan a small celebration with your friends. Make a few more great memories. You’ll never go back to high school, so take time to enjoy the time you have left!