When you first arrive on campus, your dorm room will look barren with just a couple beds, desks and dressers. Since you’ll spend the next nine months there, you’ll want to make it feel homey. Here are some simple steps you can follow.130822_Move_451

Coordinate your purchases with your roommate.Contact your roommate to divide up large purchases you’ll need for your room (futon, dorm-sized fridge, TV, microwave, etc.). You and your roommate could also consider renting a refrigerator and microwave from the college so neither of you has to lug those items to campus.

Decorate around a theme.If you really want to love your new space, spend time planning and shopping for your dorm room. Check out our Pinterest board for ideas, and then hit the stores (or shop online). Your room should reflect your style so think about the mood you want to set – how you want to feel when you’re in the room. Color often plays a big part in the theme, so select colors that make you happy, or are calming after a tough week of classes, studying and exams.

Add practical and decorative items.After you unpack your clothes, work with your roommate to arrange the large items. Stack as many items as possible to create floor space. For example, you might choose to loft your beds or bunk them. This will allow you to place a futon under a lofted bed and place the TV and stand under the other lofted bed. You can also stack your microwave on top of your refrigerator, and use your desk and shelf space for smaller items.

Now the fun begins! Add your colorful comforter, pillows, throw blankets, curtains, towels and rug to make the room come alive. Place art (posters) on the walls, some soft lighting from lamps and the space will be almost complete.

Fill the space with items from home.Finally, personalize your dorm room with photos and other items from home. This might include athletic equipment, stuffed animals, books, frames, and grandpa’s old fedora – whatever makes your space feel like home. Add a dry erase board to your door and you’ll be ready to meet the other students on your floor!

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