Have you seen the movie, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are both engaged in wagers that make them go to ridiculous lengths to either lose a boyfriend or keep a girlfriend. The same theory applies to study skills. It’s not that hard to do well in school, but some students seem to go out of their way to fail – or refuse to give it the “old college try.”

Here are examples of what NOT to do so you can actually attend college.

Sleep through class.

Stay up late on social media and playing video games so you are exhausted by the time school rolls around. Sleep is overrated, right? Who needs to maintain a healthy weight, improve concentration, or maximize athletic ability?

Don’t take notes.

Only nerds carry notebooks or laptops to class. You don’t want to look like you care about school, and taking notes won’t help all that much anyway. You stay alert and engaged for important stuff, not school work!

Ignore reading assignments and homework.

How could you find time for homework when the newest video game is calling? Besides, who cares about improving your memory, developing study skills, using your time wisely, or working independently? 

Refuse to participate in class discussions.

Since you did not read the assignment or do your homework, you really have nothing to add to the discussion. Just sit in the back of the room and think about what you’ll put on Snapchat when you get out of school.

Don’t prepare for tests.

Studying is a waste of time, especially if your plan is to fail high school. Besides, there really is no reason to prep for a test, it’s unlikely that people have strategies to do well on exams. Netflix is calling…

As Kate and Matthew learned in the movie, all their efforts to win a bet were a ridiculous waste of time and was opposite of what they wanted. So, do you really want to fail high school, or are you ready to prepare for your future? If so, don’t follow any of my advice – in fact, do just the opposite!