Believe it or not, December’s here and it’s easy to start dreaming of that coming time off around the holidays… until you remember all of the— ahem— crap you have to do before then(!).  Surely you’ve made your shopping list and inquired as to those of your loved ones; you’ve got your finals schedule as your phone wallpaper and are diligently getting to work on finding resources for your projects and final papers, but what about your college plans?  What’s that?  You’ve forgotten all about college stuff?!?  Fear not! I am here to help you take stock on what you’ve done and what still needs to happen, with an assist to EducationQuest’s Jr/Sr Timeline, accessible here (it’s a very helpful resource for doing just what we’re about to do J).

  • If you haven’t, apply to your top three to four colleges. Many colleges’ deadlines aren’t until early second semester, but better to get it done and make sure you’re in for their best institutional scholarships, mang!
  • If you haven’t, apply for the FAFSA. Both you and a parent will need an FSA ID for doing so.  How-to video here and site for registering here.
  • If you haven’t taken it yet at all and are considering four-year colleges/universities, you’ll need to take the ACT or SAT. With the December ACT test date upcoming and even the late registration deadlines passed, you wouldn’t receive scholarship consideration for this score at a number of schools. L  With that said, not every school would discount you from their institutional awards— and the score itself is required for admission, regardless of money they’d give you for it— so check in with them individually to get a better idea of what to expect.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS! This is where, in an ideal world, you’d be spending most of your time between now and May 1— the national date by which schools will expect your decision without losing an enrollment deposit.  This means a few things:
    • Make sure you have profiles set up on the web-based resources you’re using, which dang well better include ScholarshipQuest
    • Check in with your school/counseling office/counseling website for any opportunities they may have more specific to students at your school. Find out how they inform students of these opportunities and, well, get and stay informed!
    • Figure out who will be your letters of recommendation writers and ask them! Remember at least two weeks’ notice and a copy of your resume along with info about the scholarship for which they’ll be writing the letter is super-professional of you, you scholarship-getting master, you!
  • Be on the look-out for offers of financial aid OR requests for verification paperwork from the schools you’ve applied/been accepted at as well as sent the FAFSA to. If you’ve added a new school to your list that you haven’t applied to or sent the FAFSA to, you must do this to consider it!  This is all important stuff that will greatly help you in your decision-making in the near future.
  • As ever, if you’re feeling unsure or would just like to check in with a pro, contact us at one of our three offices to receive a thorough vetting of your process to here!

Suerte, and stay the course!