Just thinking about Thanksgiving makes me feel grateful. I am taken back to my childhood as I recall making (and burning) sticky rolls, watching Dad carve the turnkey, and washing and drying the crystal and china. We sang, laughed, and played cards well into the night. The best part? Turkey sandwiches, potato salad, and pumpkin pie leftovers in the evening. It’s so real I can taste the pie!

There is no better time to create a gratitude list than Thanksgiving week. Here is my list, add your additions in the comments below.

  1. Good health

Even if you don’t enjoy perfect health, most of us know someone who has it worse. Better to focus on the working parts.

  1. Family who ground you

No one can bring you back down to earth more than your family – no big heads allowed in the sacred place you call home.

  1. Friends who lift you up

Sometimes you need the praise that only a true friend can give. We don’t need scores of friends, but we do need at least one kindred spirit.

  1. Quality education

Just having the ability to read this blog is a bit of a miracle, right?

  1. Fresh air

Living in the Midwest typically means having fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink, and wide open spaces. Ah! 

  1. Freedom of speech

We may not all share the same opinion, but we do need to respect each other’s rights to speak.

  1. Living at this time in history
Every time I read a book or see a movie depicting “the olden days,” I am thankful for indoor plumbing, electricity, and ability to vote.

  1. Technology

Where would we be without our technology? We hold miniature computers in the palm of our hand. News, podcasts, movies, texts, and Google are just a click away.

  1. Mistakes and failures

The highest achieving people failed countless times, but they kept trying. You can never be really good at something unless you fail first.

  1. Love

It really is all you need. The Beatles had it right.