Grilled steaks! Sleeping in past noon! Lounging by the pool! Zero stress! Fun in the sun!

That is what summer is all about, right? Not exactly.

You may not be enrolled full-time in classes, but summer is an excellent time to remain productive and still make progress toward your goals, whether they be academic, financial, or personal. One tool to help you is a summer job.Waiting for interview

Why are summer jobs important? Well, I could easily say because you might “make extra money,” or “get experience,” but let’s get down to bare-basics: Summer Jobs are important because they get you doing somethingAnything. Productivity is what separates the ‘doers’ from the ‘dreamers.’

Set a Goal for the Summer

It is tough to make progress if you don’t know what your goal is. Here are some examples:

  • I commit to… earning and then saving $3,000 over the summer, to minimize having to take out a Student Loan for my tuition bill in the fall
  • I commit to… finding a job that is relevant to my career interests (an Internship is always best!). Even if it is entry level, the experience and networking that I gain now will open doors for me tomorrow!
  • I commit to… better manage my time, so that I can balance hard work with fun and social time. Life is all about balance, I will establish a balance that is productive and enjoyable.

Prepare Yourself for the Job Search

  • Create (or update) a professional resume. You can seek assistance at a college’s career services office, or you can start with Activities Resume.
  • Reach out to current or former employers, teachers, mentors, to see if they would be willing to serve as a Reference for you. Keep them informed of your latest accomplishments.
  • Start researching (now!) the job listings that interest you. Check your local newspaper, or reliable online searches recommended through your school.

Take Action!

  • Be Hungry! Go out and apply for those jobs that interest you. Whether it be in response to an ad in the newspaper, or a cold call, introduce yourself!
  • Be Persistent! It may take many “no’s” to get your one “yes”. The funny thing about “yes”, is that all you need is one. Stay the course!
  • Be Authentic! Don’t try to present a false image of who you are. Be yourself, a professional and well-composed version of yourself.

Remember, in the words of famed Hollywood film producer Samuel Goldwyn, “The harder I work, the luckier I get”.

Good luck!