There is something about March Madness that captures the imagination. Perhaps it’s the joy of seeing your favorite college team make the tournament, the thought of a wining bracket, or dreams of attending a college with a  top seed. Can you see yourself wearing the college colors of a Final Four team, cheering them on in person, catching yourself on national TV as the camera scans the student section?

Wait, what?

The Final Four is really fun to watch, but when you’re ready to pick a college check out our website. In the meantime, let’s go back to dreaming. If I were to pick a college based on the NCAA basketball tournament, here are some things to consider.

Winning Tradition Looking at the 2018 teams, you’ll see the traditional “blue blood” of basketball. These are teams that have no problem recruiting excellent talent every year. You won’t go wrong picking Kansas University, Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, or perhaps UCLA to go pretty far in the tournament, but do you want to attend one of those colleges? What are they like when basketball season is over? Make a campus visit to see what else the college has to offer.

College Colors

Blue seems to be the color of the tournament – at lease for the colleges mentioned above. The intensity of the blue will vary, but focusing on teams with blue uniforms – or rather, colleges with blue as a school color – would be a safe bet. BTW, the local favorite is blue, too! Go, Creighton!


Staying with my blue blood teams, you can pick a college with a bird, devil, ram, wildcat, or bear. Some mascots are made up (Jay Hawk and Bruin), one is scary (blue devil), and one is just plain strange. Why the Tar Heels have a ram as a mascot is a mystery, but I guess NC does not want a large foot with tar on the heel as a mascot. I get that.


Hmm, where to live. Moving to Kansas would not be a stretch because it is in the Midwest. If you favor the east coast and you don’t mind traffic, you could select North Carolina for either NC or Duke. Feeling a little southern, check out Kentucky with their beautiful horse farms. And if the west is calling, UCLA will take you all the way to California, if you don’t mind the smog and congestion.

Before you get too excited about finding your dream school based on the Final Four, remember that the College World Series and the football national championships will bring new schools into the mix. Perhaps it’s best to find a college that meets your academic needs and leave sports as your guilty pleasure!