Each month, I will share and review an app that will help you study better, work smarter and generally make your school life easier. 2014-01-13_14-58-44

Your app for January is StudyBlue.

Every once in a while, I find an app that makes me wish I was back in school. StudyBlue is definitely one of those apps. I never needed to study in high school, but college was a whole new world. To be successful, I had to allocate study time and time to create study materials. I would spend hours combing through textbooks and notes making flash cards. I would rarely have those cards with me, so I would binge study (study in large chunks of time).

CreateFlashcardDeckStudyBlue would have changed everything. The concept is to simply take what I was already doing and make it digital. No more killing entire forests for Biology 101! You can even link your Evernote account so you can easily convert lecture notes into flash cards. But StudyBlue isn’t limited to text, you can use pictures as part of your studying. For example, you could place a picture of a frog on one side and ‘la grenouille’ (frog in French) on the other. C’est incroyable!

Because everything is stored “in the cloud,” you can study whenever — wherever. Recent research suggests that breaking your study time into 20-minute sessions can significantly increase your performance. I tried the Study20 method during graduate school and found it to be helpful.


The ability to create study materials from notes — and an app to let you study on the go –is cool. What really sold me on StudyBlue was that you could share materials. You get a backpack that contains study materials for each of your classes. There is a tab for shared materials, where your classmates can post their cards and you can share yours. It’s great if you missed a class or just forgot a detail. 

There’s more! When you are finished studying you can use flash cards as a quiz. You can also view/print a review sheet. And all of this is accessible in the mobile app!


To borrow from StudyBlue: interrogate your subconscious…

Get the app for iOS, and Android.


Pros: It replaces flash cards and helps you study in more places, more efficiently. It’s easy to use and you can get help from classmates and share materials.  

Cons: There are ads in the free version. The paid version has a lot of added benefits and is only $36 if you buy a year’s subscription.

App tips: Get your classmates involved as well. It will be a lot easier to set up the cards if you share the load. Try using it to help you study for the ACT and/or SAT. It could be very helpful with the vocabulary.


Love this app? Have an app that is helpful or one you just love? Let me know in the comments – maybe it will be featured in a future Monthly Education App.