Each month I will share and review an app that will help you study better, work smarter and generally make your school life easier.

Check out the MyScript Calculator app from Vision ObjectsYour app for August is MyScript Calculator.

You may think I’m nuts to suggest that a calculator will improve your life, but trust me… this thing ROCKS! Unlike a traditional calculator where you key in number sequences, MyScript Calculator lets you hand-write equations. This is very helpful if you don’t remember your order of operations.

The app handles simple equations like √(12 x 3). (The answer is 6, in case you haven’t downloaded the app yet.)

It can also handle complex equations like √sin2 x  (6×12) / (3/3)+8!.

The app even does percentages, so it comes in handy when you’re shopping and want to calculate 25% off a $9.99 item. You can even add in tax to determine if you have enough money to make the purchase.

While the app works on mobile phones it’s much better on a tablet as it’s easier to write on a larger screen.

Get the app in Google Play or in the iTunes App Store.

Check out a video of the MyScript Calculator features:

Pros: Does a good job of solving equations that you would normally write out. Perfect if you struggle with order of operation. It will add in elements you might forget, like the occasional + or x. 

Cons: It is slow to input equations. It will not help with some algebraic equations.

App tips: If you make a mistake, or if the app misreads your scribbling, you can erase numbers and elements by circling them. You can also switch from DEG to RAD using the toggle that appears in the top left corner. Don’t forget the video tutorial in the menu. 

Love this app? Have an app that is helping you out? Or just an app you love? Let me know in the comments and I might feature it in a future Monthly Education App.