Each month, I will share and review an app that will help you study better, work smarter and generally make your school life easier.

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Your app for October is Dropbox.

Hands down, Dropbox is my most used app. It stores all my files in “the cloud” and is a very simple app to use. What I love is that you can access your files from anywhere in the world via www.dropbox.com, on your smartphone or tablet, and you can also install their app on your computer and have your files copied to your PC or Mac! It is like an automatic backup.

There are so many things you can do with Dropbox, here are a few of my favorite uses:

You & me, in sync:

I am always collaborating with someone on a project. In the 21st century collaboration is a requirement, but it can be incredibly difficult to be sure that everyone has the same information. Before I started using Dropbox, I was always running into issues with classmates having an old version of a presentation or document and trying to get copies of resources to them.

Dropbox makes it so simple. You can share a folder with everyone in your group; I have separate folders for each group. Anyone can save documents to the folder and see what others are contributing. If I am at the library and I find a resource that I need to share, I can use an app on my phone to scan just the pages that are pertinent and save them to Dropbox.

Go public:

Have you ever tried to email a file to someone, only to find out that the file is so large your email program prohibits you from sending it? I ran into this a lot before Dropbox. Now, I can right-click a file (ctrl-click on a Mac) and select “Share Dropbox Link” to get a link to that file and paste it into my email. The recipient can then view or download a copy of that file.

No flash, just dash:

I was that geek who had a flash drive everywhere – my key chain, pocket, glove box, a cup holder in my car, and in almost every pocket of my backpack. I know, “what a nerd!” Problem was the things I needed were never on the drive that was most handy. With Dropbox I have everything accessible from my phone, on my laptop and on the Dropbox website. Now when I am going from place to place, I don’t have to worry about having the right flash drive.

Get the app in Google Play or in the iTunes App Store.



  • Free file storage across almost any platform.
  • Can automatically upload your pictures.
  • Many other apps can sync settings or use your Dropbox account as its file storage.
  • It works like any other folder on your computer, the sync happens in the background.


  • You only get 2GB with your free account.
  • When more than one person has the same file open at the same time, you can end up with “conflicted copies” in your folder.

App tips:

  • Complete the set-up steps and you gain more storage for free.
  • You also get 250MB more storage each time you share the app with a friend who signs up. 


Love this app? Have an app that is helpful or one you just love? Let me know in the comments – maybe it will be featured in a future Education App Fix.