Have I mentioned that I love to find apps that make my life easier? After covering how Evernote can help you with notetaking, I think it’s important to talk about the best way to store all your important documents. You never know, this could happen…

The best way to protect your important term papers is to store them in a safe place. I have had the best luck with Dropbox and it comes with some added benefits. Here is how you can get the most out of Dropbox.

Many Hands Make Quick Work

I am sure that you have had to work on a project with others. Some find this enjoyable, to others it is a source of great anxiety. I tend to be someone who prefers to just work on my own stuff, it was imperative that I find a way to keep things flowing to alieve some stress. Dropbox lets you place documents in a central location. Everyone has access and can update one document. I have stored articles and references in there as well, this was a big help with those large semester-long projects. Having a folder for each class was critical to keeping us all on the same page over four months.

Safe and Secure

Security is always a concern of mine. I like two things about Dropbox. First, they encrypt files locally and use secure transmissions when syncing your files. Second, you can lock the app on your phone with a passcode.

It is the internet, nothing is safe. You still need a good password to access the files and you need to stay aware of hacks and breaches.

Integrate Integrations

One thing I never think about, but use a lot, is integrations. Dropbox is not a small player in the document storage space, and many companies support integrations. I have used this to store information from web-forms, upload and sync files in Blackboard, and auto-backup data. You can even link it to Microsoft Office and save documents directly to your Dropbox.

Delay Deletion

I make mistakes, and I doubt I’m the only one. I am amazed at the number of friends I have that don’t know about versioning. Versioning is the process of keeping multiple copies of documents as changes happen. Think of it as your DeLorean DMC. With this feature you can go back in time and resurrect a document from before your error. Just be careful, you don’t want to alter the space-time continuum.

Many of these features are only available to paid users. I know that’s a buzzkill, but they do give you 2GB of free storage to start. You can earn 500MB for each person you refer using your referral link. If you decide that the free version isn’t helping, Dropbox is very reasonably priced, $100 per year. That will get you all of these features and 1TB of storage. You also keep the bonus storage you earn, if you try the free version and upgrade you’ll have more than the 1TB.


As I said, I love apps. What apps do you use? Leave a comment below, if I write about your suggestion I’ll give you a shout out!