While a campus tour is the best way to determine which college is the right fit for you, it does not give you a feel for a student’s daily regimen. Since we can’t tag along with a college student to see what their schedule is like, I asked our office assistant, Sidney, to tell us in her own words what college is like.

How does your typical day start?

My alarm goes off every morning at 6:45, and I make myself get out of bed no later than 7:00. Between 7:00-7:45, I make breakfast, get dressed, and pack my bags for class. Depending on the day, I may use the next hour to knock out some homework and review for exams, or I head off to class right away.

How many classes do you have per week?

Monday/Wednesday/Friday I only have two classes. Since I have a part-time job I go to my first class, then go to work for about two hours, back to campus for my second class, and then back to work until 5:00. On Tuesday/Thursday, I have three classes, one right after the other. On those days, I head for campus at 7:45 and go to class from 8:00-12:15, with a 15-minute break in between each class. When those classes are finished, I head back to my apartment to eat lunch and get ready for work. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I work from 1:00-5:00.

How do you spend time between classes?

On M/W/F I work between classes, but on T/Th I have a 15-minute break between classes.  That gives me time to get to the next classroom building. Once I’m at my destination, I do homework before the next class begins. However, if a friend sits by me I prefer talking to them!

Where and when do you study?

In the evenings, I typically study in my apartment or at the library. On the weekends, I go home to work on the family ranch so I study there when all of my work is done for the day.

What do you do for exercise and for fun?

Ranching requires a lot of physical labor, but when I’m at college I work out on a stair stepper. I have a pretty tight schedule between school, work, and ranching, so when I’m not doing one of those things I like to hang out with my friends for fun.

Do you like having a roommate and what’s it like eating in the cafeteria?

Since I’m a junior, I live in an off-campus apartment with a good friend and we get along really well. We don’t have many arguments and if there is one, we get over it rather quickly! You really have to realize what’s most important and let the little things go or you could end up driving each other crazy!

Because I chose apartment living, I have to cook for myself now – which can be great if you have the time and energy. When I lived on campus, I ate in the cafeteria because it was convenient and the food was pretty decent. It may not be the home cooking you’re used to, but there is a big selection so you can typically find something that you like to eat. It’s also a busy place and rather loud so I found that kind of annoying, but it’s also a great place to gather and catch up with friends!

How does your day typically end?

I relax a bit when I get home from work, make supper, and eat around 6:00. From 6:30-8:00 I make it a habit to work on my studies, but some nights it might take a bit longer than that. When the homework is done I shower, get ready for bed, and then watch some television. Usually, I go to my room around 9:30 each night, read a devotional, say my prayers, and go to bed.