Each year, students, fans, and alumni celebrate National College Colors Day to focus on the spirit and traditions of our alma maters. The college spirit runs deep at EducationQuest, so a few of us shared why we selected our college and a favorite memory from back in the day.

Daphne Hall

College selection process: Selecting a college was a bit tumultuous during my senior year. My older sisters attended a private liberal-arts college in Kansas, and my mom was quite certain I needed to attend there as well. I didn’t agree. I had a strong interest in communications/language arts and they didn’t offer that degree – and after a campus tour, I didn’t feel much of a connection to the school.

We visited several colleges in the area, and I had an instant connection with Nebraska Wesleyan University ….and thus, there was somewhat of an impasse at our house. My dad suggested a second campus visit to Wesleyan.  We met with the department chairs for business and communications, visited several classes, met students, and ate in the student center. That made all the difference! My parents saw the strong academic programs, the engagement opportunities, and the support offered by a small school. The rest is history!

 Favorite memory:  While there, I enjoyed the academic rigor and valuable lessons learned through group projects and service learning ventures. I’ve made lifelong friendships that have opened up opportunities for career advancement and community engagement. Nebraska Wesleyan was truly, the “right fit” for me! 

Jacquie Butler

College selection process: I originally attended the University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL), but coming from a small town in northeast Nebraska and being somewhat of an introvert, the school was a bit too big for me. I transferred after my freshman year to Kearney State College, now the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK).  I chose Kearney State because I had visited a few times while my older brother was attending college there.  It just seemed more “homey” to me, the class sizes were smaller, and I loved the Kearney community, so I guess you could say I eventually found the right fit!

Favorite memory:  Before the Health and Sports Center opened in 1990, we had a smaller gymnasium and I remember many nights of attending men’s basketball games.  That place would be packed to the rafters, so you had to get there early and it was always such a fun atmosphere.  I swear, you saw everyone that attended KSC at those games.  I also loved some of the classes I took where we’d do group projects, which allowed me to form some really great, lasting friendships.

Kim Brown

College selection process: I never really thought about college until I started high school. It didn’t cross my mind. My family didn’t talk about it much at home until my older brother went thru the application process and earned a full-tuition scholarship. It wasn’t that I hadn’t planned on going…thinking about colleges just didn’t occupy any space in my brain.

When it came time to get the college process started, I’d been running for almost three years and so running became the focal point of my college search. Based on some conversations with my coach, I ended up only looking at schools with track and field teams. I wasn’t sure where I stood as a recruit so I only knew about a couple of schools near home, UNL and UNO. So, I looked at these two teams, Division I and Division II which had varying degrees of competitiveness. After careful consideration, I decided the University of Nebraska at Omaha was a better fit academically and as an athlete. UNO ended up being everything I could’ve asked for and more.

Favorite memory: I had many fun memories that helped shape my college experience, but competitions provided the most memorable moments. My most memorable was representing my College at the NCAA Division II indoor National Championship. I ran a personal best, and earned a national title in the 55-Meter Hurdles, with the fastest ever run by a North Central Conference woman.

Andrew Hunzeker

College selection process: I attended Western Nebraska Community College (WNCC) for my associate’s degree, then transferred to Chadron State College (CSC) to finish my Bachelors of Art in Business Administration.

I chose WNCC to save a bit of money and help me prepare for bigger classes.  When I was deciding where to transfer I chose CSC to be closer to my family.  Also, CSC had class sizes I was comfortable with.

Favorite memory: My best memory of college was just being involved on campus.  Whether it was WNCC or CSC, I met so many people and got to experience so many different things! I highly recommend getting involved with your college’s clubs and organizations!

Jacie Budzinski

College selection process: I completed my associates degree in general business at Southeast Community College – Lincoln, then completed my bachelor’s degree in business management at Doane University.

I attended SCC first to save on cost and get the majority of my generals completed.  I also heard great things about Doane and made it my dream to go there.

Favorite memory: My best memory of college was the time I took a flex class at Doane.  I believe the class was called “Economics of the Film Industry.”  Even though we had to write a paper for each movie we watched; the best part was that the teacher brought in different foods each day.  You can’t go wrong with paying for a class to watch movies and eat.


National College Colors Day is Friday, August 30, so dust off your old college gear and join us in celebrating your alma mater!  Don’t forget to post a few photos on social media using #CollegeColorsDay