As the fourth of July approaches, there are a number of occupations that ensure this holiday this an entertaining and safe one! Check out these careers that make our day of celebration just a bit better.

Firefighter, EMT, police officer. People tend to get a little wild on this fireworks-focused holiday. Between accidental fires, responding to medical emergencies, and maintaining order, these community servants protect citizens. In Nebraska, a firefighter can earn $24.07 per hour, or $47,880 annually – in one year. An EMT (emergency medical technician; you’ll see them coming in the ambulance) can earn $15.17 per hour, or $33,130 annually. And a police officer can earn $27.94 per hour, or $57,530 annually.

Speaking of fireworks…a fire safety inspector gets to visit all the temporary fireworks tents to ensure the workers are following guidelines to avoid a fire or explosion. An inspector can $18.67 per hour, or $41,820 annually.

The 4th of July means parades, baseball, and street dances. And what do all these events need? A public Address (or PA) Announcer to introduce the next float, player stepping up to the plate, or crowd-favorite song. A PA Announcer can earn $10.05 per hour, or $29,240 per year.

The fourth of July wouldn’t be complete without food! Hamburgers, BBQ, potato salad, celebratory desserts – all these remind us of chefs! A chef can earn $19.70 per hour, or $44,180 annually. And if you’re looking for a big payday, $10,000 is the top prize for the winner of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in New York.

This is the holiday of red, white, and blue. There are stars, American flags, and “USA” decorations everywhere. But have you ever considered decorating a space with these colors? Interior designers can make $21.49 an hour, or $45,200 annually decorating homes and offices.

Continuing on this festive theme, why not be your neighborhood’s unofficial block party planner? Event planners coordinate food, decorations, music – all the details of a party! They can earn $21.28 per hour, or $45,720 annually.

Finally, the ultimate career on the celebration of our country’s independence? Consider serving our country through service in the military. The military provides training and helps to set you up for a career in continued service, or in the civilian world. Plus, all military branches offer education assistance ranging from the G.I. Bill, to tuition reimbursement to student loan repayment. Talk to a recruiter for details.

Hope you enjoy your 4th of July celebration – and remember to thank those who are working on this holiday to make it a joyful and safe celebration for you!


Median hourly and annual mean wages shown from the Bureau of Labor Statistics – May 2018 Nebraska Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates