When you were asked in elementary school what career you want to pursue, you may have said: veterinarian, fire fighter, professional athlete, or doctor. But times have changed and you want to know what else exists. What other career options are related to popular careers?kids_doctor

You want to be a medical doctor.

To become a pediatrician (children’s doctor), you need to complete a 4-year bachelor’s degree, a 4-year medical graduate school, and complete at least 3 years of a residency.

Not sure you want to go to school that long?

Dieticians go to college to complete a 4-year bachelor’s degree, then complete an internship before taking their boards to get certified. They advise people or companies on health-conscious actions they can take. You will positively impact the safety and well-being of people and help keep them healthy so that they see their medical doctor less often.

What if blood freaks you out?

Consider becoming a pharmacist, where you still have to attain a bachelor’s degree and then earn a doctorate in pharmacy. You will dispense drugs prescribed by doctors, and consult with patients when they have questions about their medication. If you love chemistry class, this could be a great fit.

But you want to be hands-on?

Consider Physical Therapy. You need a bachelor’s degree plus a 3-year doctorate degree before you can treat patients.

You want to be a chef.

Do you love ingredients?

A Nursery and Greenhouse Manager might be a good fit for you. You could oversee the cultivation and harvesting of many varieties of plants.

Want to entertain or make people happy?

Consider becoming a Food Service Manager. You’ll lead the planning and serving of food and beverages – perhaps at a large banquet facility.

You want to be a professional athlete.

I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but you only have a 1% chance of becoming a professional athlete someday. So how could you be involved in an athletic career?

You want to be a part of the action?

Consider caring for the athletes as they prepare for and are injured during events as an athletic trainer.

Are you good at making decisions and communicating?

An agent handles contract negotiations and works with the athlete to make wise business decisions for their future.

There are so many possibilities! To check out more careers – and related options to them, go to mynextmove.org. Now is a great time to begin exploring the many possibilities – and knowing some back-up options if you don’t love that Knife Skills 101 class as much as you thought you would.

What other careers could we explore together? Comment below and let’s find alternate options to your dream job!