It has happened more than once in my office. Whether it’s a parent or a student, tears are sometimes shed over difficult conversations about transferring colleges.

When plans to attend a first choice, four-year university are financially out of reach after a final review of the financial aid package, students often begin to think about transfer opportunities. Their original hopes are replaced with plans to attend a two-year college to complete general courses first before enrolling at a university.

Those are tough decisions, and a reality for many students. Nationally, about 1 in 3 students will transfer colleges. In Nebraska that figure adds up to at least 5,000 transfer students. Whether the first college was not a good fit or the student is just pursuing greater opportunities at another college, transferring can be stressful but there are resources that can make the transition not only manageable, but also exciting as the student continues a path towards a college diploma.Transfer NE

Nebraska took an important step this year in easing the uncertainty of transferring colleges by creating Transfer Nebraska, a web-based searchable database that allows students who are considering changing colleges to check what courses transfer between institutions. The best part: all 64,000 courses listed (and growing) are all in the same place and only clicks away from smarter decisions that are intended to save students money and prevent them from taking courses that will not transfer to a selected college. It takes the guessing part out of the transfer process.

You can find this online portal here.

So what all can you do at this one-stop site?

  • Easy, quick-click method of seeing whether your courses will transfer
  • Course descriptions that help you see the similarities and differences between courses
  • Multi-year college catalogs to identify the exact course you took in a specific year
  • Course codes, numbers and credits that help you select the right course to take for optimum transfer

This searchable platform includes course equivalencies for Nebraska’s public and state colleges and the eight community and tribal colleges. Students can also pair Nebraska colleges’ transfer courses with more than 4,000 colleges nationwide. But it is important to note that just because a course does not appear on the screen it doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t transfer. Students may need to check with the college to evaluate a specific course.

As students register for classes and look to possibilities at new colleges, Transfer Nebraska may just make lives a little easier, and that should have more students smiling, saving money, and succeeding.

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