Life is all about skills. Sure, you may have awesome nunchuck skills, but tell me kiddo… Do you have the skills necessary to survive your first year of college?

College is a time where you gain more independence. With that, comes responsibility. Here are a couple of skills to work on, if you want to survive (and thrive) while in college!Campus_scene

  1. #LaundrySkills – Learn to separate lights, darks, what the different washing temperatures are for, and the different dryer settings. Coming from personal experience, a nice sweater can easily shrink if you aren’t careful. For a quick guide to doing laundry, check this video out.
  1. #CarSkills – You never know when you’ll need to know how to change a flat tire; you best learn how to before you’re stuck in the parking lot with an impatient dinner date. Also, be sure to know how to pump gas (you’d be surprised!), change your oil (or know how to interact with a mechanic), and how to parallel park.
  1. #TimeManagement – Keep a planner or online scheduler to make sure you stay on task. Take care of business! Don’t forget to include plenty of homework time, in addition to work, fitness, and social time.
  1. #StudySkills – College is different than high school (but you already knew that, right?). There is more reading required, and independent research. Know how to utilize your campus library and other resources. Find a quiet place to study, free of distractions. Don’t be afraid to form study groups in your classes, and visit professors during posted office hours if you still have questions.
  1. #Money – Learn how to manage your finances. Make sure you understand the Financial Aid options available to help you pay for college; click here for more information.
  1. #Sweat – Develop fitness skills that you enjoy, to improve your overall health, including physical and mental. Join an Intramural sports team. Take a dance class. Have some fun!
  1. #MeetNewPeople – Don’t stay cooped up in your dorm room all by yourself. Socialize! Students and faculty from all walks of life, beliefs, and diverse backgrounds all come together to expand their learning and to train for the future; get out there and meet one another! Expanding your comfort zone will benefit you today and for the rest of your life. Learn more about the importance of networking here.
  1. #SelfCare – Treat yourself! An occasional ice cream, or a spa day. Work hard, reward yourself. Take an honest assessment of how you’re doing and how you’re feeling. If you’re going through a period of stress, utilize campus resources such as counseling centers to help find peace. Talking helps. In addition, set goals, and revisit those goals. Gauge your progress. Check out these other great tips for Self-Care in college!

College is a great experience. You will grow one step closer to becoming the person you have always dreamed you could become. Be hungry! Be productive! Be exceptional. Laterz everyone!

p.s. What am I forgetting? Comment below with any skills that helped you survive college!