The fun has begun! The school year has started, and Joy just gave you some great ways to spend your free time focusing on staying healthy. In order to have that free time you need to get organized, and no one wants 50 three-ring binders all over the place. Here is how to use Evernote to simplify your school life and free up time for some fun.
Use Evernote for school

Sign up as a Student

Signing up as a student gets you the top tier of Evernote at half the cost. At $35 per year the cost is easy to put into your budget. I would recommend asking a parent or relative if they would consider gifting it to you for a holiday or birthday. Some of the tips that follow will require you to be on a paid plan, but most are available if you choose to stay on the free plan.

Create Notebooks

Step 1 is to start your organization structure. For me, that is creating a notebook for each of my classes. It helps me to know that everything for Psychology 101 is together. I use notes for each class, this makes it easy to search for subjects when I study.

Use Tags

Tags are amazing. There are times where a specific note or document is useful in multiple courses. I don’t have to duplicate it, I can just tag it and sort by tags. It takes some time to get used to tags, just jump in and you’ll love how the water feels.

Sync Your Google Docs

If you don’t use Google Docs then this may not matter to you, but you can link up your documents from Google to Evernote. I know many students are using Google Docs in high school. That makes this an easy way to keep your current process for taking notes but still get the benefits of Evernote.

Add Documents

One of the great features is the ability to attach documents to notes. If you set up the Google Docs then it’s very simple to attach a Google Doc. If you are like me, and prefer to store things in a product like Dropbox, then it is still simple. Click the attachment icon and upload as much as you want. I use this a ton to keep copies of my assignments alongside relevant notes.

Annotate PDFs

Probably one of the lesser-known features is the ability to annotate PDFs in Evernote. I am sure there are a ton of uses. For me, I found it to be a lifesaver to take PDFs of journal articles and attach them to notes for that class. Then I could highlight, underline and add notes to the PDF. When I go back to study I have the source document as well as my annotations. Sweet like 🍭.


For me, the value of Evernote is the ability to organize everything for your classes in a digital environment that is always with you. It’s also a well-designed app that will be the perfect companion to your shiny new iPhone X!


Download the app today and let me know how it is working for you. If you already have Evernote, I would love to know your tips and tricks.